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LSAW Conduct Pipe With Thread And Coupling
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LSAW Conduct Pipe With Thread And Coupling

Our group company has one JCOE produce line. The production range is diameter  from 14" to 56", walthickness is from 10 to 70mm. LSAW mainly fall into  two type of utlity. one type is fluid conveying purpose pipe. The pipe applications include onshore and offshore conveyance of natural gas, shale gas, the conveyance of oil, petrifaction, town gas, water and coal slurry. The standard include API 5L. ASTM A53. ISO3183. EN10216. Another type is construction and structure purpose pipe. The pipe is  used for project field, such as construction, bridge, ocean platform, power engineering, etc.The standard include ASTM A252, ASTM A500,ASTM A 519, ASTM A530. We can produce X60, X70 PSL1 and PSL2 level LSAW pipe and export many countries.

LSAW Conduct Pipe is used for oil well, it is one type of casing named conduct casing. Conduct casing generally has large diameter,so it  is usually LASW or ERW pipe. 



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