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Cold Drawn Seamless Line Pipe For Shipment
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Cold Drawn Seamless Line Pipe For Shipment

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes use steel billets as raw material by heating billet in furnace and pierced and hot rolling to produce. The pipe has no seam around the whole body. Due to its advanced nature, Seamless steel pipe is extensively applied to conveying fluids (such as oil, gas,  water), construction and mechanical process. it has a very high consumption quantity in the world.


Our group company has one set of production line and one set of heat treatment line. Our seamless pipe range is from diameter 3” to 16”, wallthickness from 3 to 25mm. We can produce high level steel grade line pipe and casing, such as X60, X70, N80Q and P110. In addition, we can also produce sour service line pipe, casing and tubing.

Cold drawn seamless steel pipe is usually small diameter that range is from 1/4" to 3". the feature is high accuracy tolerance for diameter and wallthickness. The price is about USD690-890.00/Ton.


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